Who? Me?

  • I am a Pacific Northwest native. I am a nature lover.
  • I am a textile artist, embroiderer, clothier, costumer, and weaver who sees magic and change in the chain stitch and a well done Palestrina knot. I wish I had more control over the ways of the human world but alas, all I can control are my actions, my attitude towards life, and the consistency of my stitches. And sometimes even that doesn’t pan out as hoped and I must rip rip rip.
  • I am a rocker from the old days and I’ll never be too old to Rock N’ Roll.
  • I am heavily inspired by tarot and oracle card art as well as themes in the spiritual and fantastical realms.
  • I am a program coordinator for a university in my area and I love my job.
  • I am so very grateful to be alive after many trials, including breast cancer.
  • I am The Mediveal Tailor.
  • I am.

I began learning embroidery from my grandmother at the very young age of 4. I still have my first piece ever, a kitten, and it reminds me of where I came from. A child of the 60s and 70s most of my work was composed of embroidering my jeans with flowers.

While playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism, my attention was caught one day by a 15th century German alms pouch and everything changed. I began embroidering and embellishing in earnest. My focus was clothing and accessories from 14th c. England (I’m the The Medieval Tailor), the Central Asian Steppes, and Norse cultures. After 10 years of playing and teaching I wanted my work to be more relevant to our modern world. I started making tarot pouches and wall hangings with the best materials I could find.

I create my own designs beginning with pencil and paper moving through to the finished needlework project. My favorite needlework techniques include, but are not limited to, applique of any kind, crewel, and medieval and Elizabethan techniques. That said, give me the basics; chain, stem, and blanket stitch, and I’m in heaven. It’s amazing what those 3 stitches can accomplish. I swoon over natural fibers, especially wool and cotton velveteens and prefer threads of silk/wool blends, wool, and perl cotton.

I dream of going to England and taking classes at the Royal School of Needlework or reproducing clothing in Colonial Williamsburg. It could happen, right?

12 thoughts on “Who? Me?

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    • Thank you Trillium! I’ve written them, posted on the site itself complaining loudly, written the site “owner” and no one has done anything. Evidently Wet Paint doesn’t give a rip about site theft, even though they say they take it very seriously. Thank you for your support and a reminder to write them again.

    • The site is down. It took a couple months and they had to really verify I was who I said I was but the the three years of no activity really sealed it in my favor. Thank you so much for letting me know!!

  2. Well, I teach. Granted, it’s Biology, but ….. I make my students write — and I make them write about plagiarism. I did send that email a letter, and there’s a grand discussion about it over on my Facebook page. I’m fairly certain that there was no malicious intent involved, but that doesn’t make it right!

    Good luck! I know that the lady that wrote the book Medieval Tailor’s Assistant is always fighting PDFs of the entire thing up on the web! O_o — usually out of some tiny third-world country that doesn’t give a flip about copyright. 😦

    Good luck!

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