French Knots

Dots Dots Dots… I’m kind of a french knot slut.  I practically squeal at their twee adorableness.  French knots can be used in a row such as these, in small loosely clustered groups, or packed in very tightly to create a variety of textured whimsy or fillers.

The Stitch

The french knot is an easy stitch that can be used to highlight or fill in areas. In the demonstration photos I am using it as a border along a leaf vein. The one thing you must make sure you do to ensure a perfect french knot is to make sure your needle goes down at B not at A. If you insert your needle into the same hole it came out of, A, your knot will be a knot and pull through the back of the fabric and you will have to tie off and begin again. When you are using fabrics without large holes in the weave this is easier to accomplish. If you are using an even weave fabric like linen for cross-stitch, make sure to enter the fabric one thread over from where the needle exited at A.

Note how the needle is entering away from where it exited in this photo.
Before pulling the needle through the fabric tighten the thread so that it wraps securely around the needle. Then push the needle through.
I like to bury my threads in the back of my work as often as possible. You can see that I do tie a knot at the beginning (to the left and below the point of the needle in the photo). When I’m done with the color I’m using or have completed my motif, I bring my needle and thread to the back of the work. Doing a shallow running stitch (make sure you don’t pierce the motif and have your knot show in the right side of your work) I work the needle through the ground fabric a couple stitches.
I turn my work and stitch back along those same few stitches so that I sew the thread to itself. This is a very sturdy tie off.

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