What Speaks to me today

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I’ve been wanting to learn how to fabricate metal, make cold connections, learn to solder metal bits. And beginning Saturday, April 5th, I will begin learning just that. 10 weeks of lessons. Woohoo! I’m mostly interested in soldering and riveting but I’m going to get so much more than that. It’s going to cost me a bit again when I get the supplies list but worth every penny. I know I already own some of the required tools. And it’s less than a mile from my house. Whee!!

This weekend was lovely, just lovely. I lived totally in the moment, the weather was super fine. My mom and I went bead shopping and had the wonderful bonus of finding that everything in the store that day was 20% off. Everything, even tools. Still spent a bundle but it was lots of fun. We went out to eat after wards for Indian food which we don’t get as often as we would like. Mango lassi’s rule.

I got in some time in the garden cutting back dead growth and tidying up the stuff I was too busy and too energy deprived to take care of last November, some luscious naps, read a couple (there are only 3) of RosemaryEdgehill’s Bast books, played with beads, got lots of Kitty Nubbins in. Watched the birds. Even washed some windows. I felt very relaxed after it all. Only to find myself grumpy as hell this morning. *sigh* But that too is passing. Hormones.

Spring has sprung around the Pacific Northwest. Crocus are in bloom, even the forsythia is beginning it’s show of yellow. Robins everywhere, I awake to bird song every morning now. This helps me so much. This past winter wasn’t hard weather wise, not much cold or snow. But winter was a doozy on the emotional front for just about everyone I know. Deaths, illnesses, break ups, general fruckus and ruckus. So having the sun come out with bird song and flowers just really helps me feel so much better. It really represents how I’m feeling healed.

I had the weirdest thoughts this past weekend regarding my spiritual path. I’ve been a witch since, oh, I guess since around 1987. I remember it was my Saturn return, my first. And over the years I’ve flexed in and out of official status. In a coven, not in a coven, in training, in a coven, not in either, but always solitary but not always very rigorous about sabbats or magic. As the need arose many times. I suddenly felt done with all that.

I realized that what really matters to me is being in harmony with the seasons and with nature. That it is more about what I do every day instead of what I do 8 times a year. That my life IS magic and most of the time if I work things out simply things always work out. I suppose it all depends on how you define magic.

I don’t know if you watched The Good Witch from Hallmark (SPOILERS!) recently but I was impressed with how they showed her magic. She had a boy do 4 things. Go stand on the enemies property for 5 minutes, bring this stone back to me when he’s touched it, make sure he meets your dad, and one other thing. And while it seemed like magic to the boy it was really practical stuff. I like that kind of magic. Because what it meant was he saw the world from the enemies POV, his dad took legal action where necessary, and the boys became friends. That is what I really dig. That and the herbalism, gardening, walks, decorating. It *is* magic when we walk in someone else’s shoes. It *is* magic when we work our way through a maze of any kind and find that we’ve come out better for it.

And I found myself thinking that I am currently not drawn to any of my usual pagan activities. That the bells and whistles which never meant all that much to me still don’t. REALLY don’t. I do love a good ritual and will probably hit those once in awhile but I think that, for now, I’m going to continue this phase of simplifying my life and not get into this too much. And it feels really good to let that go. Just being in the moment is all I really feel like doing these days. And that feels really good too.

An opportunity to sell stuff has risen too. And it’s not pagan related. But related to Campus Cats. They have a fundraiser every year. Every second year is also a silent auction. So I will be making stuff for them. Every other year. That feels just about right.

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