Wiccan charms

Just found this eBay seller who sells things for WICCAN miniature houses. Just bought some little cauldron charms (been looking for those FOREVER) and saw that she has a eensy Book of Shadows, a chalice, a crystal ball, all kinds of cool halloween stuff. *swoon*


Check this out! Too adorable…


I’ve always been enchanted by miniature houses, Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry comes to mind. But I’ve never thought of one to make myself. I’ve always been drawn to the halloween villages for sale around Samhain but they are always too gruesome or dumb for my tastes. But THIS? I can see myself making my own little miniature temple… Oh yes….

She even has miniature gargoyles. She got me. I’m enchanted. With visions floating around in my head. That will keep my mind off my neck…

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