Cernunnos / Herne

The Stag Man has been in my life a very long time. I have many wonderful things in my home that reflect this affinity and connection. But my altar has been sadly lacking in largish. mannish, imagery. I have lots of Goddess things. A few years ago, a dear (or is it deer) friend gave me a lovely plaque for my altar. The seller said it was Selene but we both yelled out “Hekate” at the same time. She is gorgeous, carries a torch, a sickle, there is a moon, and a cornucopia. Hecate indeed. And all this time there has been nothing on my altar to match her in stature. Until today.

I found him at Sacred Source, a fabuloso online place for pagan statuary.

He came! He came! Errrr. He arrived! Clicky to make him biggy. Sorry, can’t help myself. You know how he is. *wink*


I sold several no longer treasured books recently to fund my upcoming metalsmithing class. And had a little left over. Truth is, I spend money but I’m also cheap. I hate spending over $40 for any one item. I usually put items that cost that much on the back burner for awhile or until I get a windfall or sell something. I thought, you know. It’s time. I have $ now, it’s time.

Some might think it odd that I have Hekate and Herne on my altar. But really, it only appears that way. What I have is Hekate. Then Epona and Herne. My daily devotions are directed first to Hekate alone. And then to Epona and Herne. But I needed Goddess and God visual balance on my altar and this provides it. The two plaques are joined by many things including:

  • a fork that a friend bent (to remind me of the “there is no spoon” concept)
  • citrine crystal ball
  • glass ball with waves and moon in a night sky
  • black dog
  • crow bone from my garden a year after a crow died. I waited until the elements had done their jobs and then collected what bones were left. I think this one is an upper wing bone. Too big for the leg I think. But perhaps.
  • antlers (some real, some not)
  • a Shiva lingham stone brought back from India by a friend
  • a woven wooden pentacle
  • a string of woven twig pentacles
  • an aroma burner which goes very well with my Hekate plaque, very Grecian although I think of Hekate as being older than that and from further East

May the God and Goddess bless you all with staffs and fecundity, protection and stamina, love and beauty…

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