Harvest Blessings ~ Now Accepting Commissions

I have decided to begin accepting commissions for pagan themed textile art. Pouches, banners, tool bags, book covers, robes. At some point I hope that I will have some inventory but it will always be one of a kind, perhaps some similiar items but because they are hand made all will be unique in some way.

I’ve added myself to Witchvox and become a sponsor. As soon as my payment is processed I should start appearing there under Shop/Art. On the first page. Woot! It was that category and being on the first page that decided it for me. I’ve been on witchvox before but with the name Harvest Blessings, I was something like 20 pages in and I don’t think anyone ever found me. Plus I didn’t think to advertise myself as an artist. Doh! Happy Dance.

Harvest Blessings on Witchvox

I really want to make it so that next year I can begin cutting back my hours, at least to 4 days a week.

So with that in mind.

Textile Art for the Pagan World


Fabrics: I use natural fabrics although occassionally an exceptionally beautiful man-made fiber piece will be too gorgeous to pass up. Cotton, wool, silk, linen, and wool felt are my typical fabric choices.

Threads: Also natural fibers, some are hand dyed. Perl cottons, silk, wool…

Gemstones and other trinkets: amber, hematite, moon stones, amethyst, bloodstone, carnelian, lapis, jade, bone, wood, charms that match the theme of the item.  Please see my post about charms to see a selection of what I use.

Handmade tassels, hand finished hems, hand sewn eyelets, completely finished seams. My garments and accessories are made to last.


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