Tarot Reading – Love

This reading was graciously done for me by Grace of the Wild Pomegranate

What does Cynthia need to know about her love life, the Lover’s Path Tarot

(BTW, I pulled three QUEENS. You are a very very dynamic woman, and these lovely ladies showed up at the end of your trials (Queen Arrows), and the beginning of your new phase (Queen Cups) and then as the parenthasis to this leg of your journey (Queen Staves).

Queen Cups: This represents YOU at this point in your life, I believe. You’ve been through quite a journey where love is concerned (I actually pulled some foundation cards, and the whole transition was there. Contemplation Reversed (traditional Hermit) Distracted, ignoring intuition, feeling unconnected from the heart where relationships are concerned, 3 Arrows (Heartbreak, End of Relationship), 2 Coins (conflicting choices, seeking balance, grace, focus on commerce), 4 Arrows (healing, introspection, peace after an emotional upset, the need for solitude to achieve balance), and finally the Queen of Arrows. All those Arrows speak to those out of the blue galvanizing events in our lives which when handled right can deepen our understanding about ourselves, others, and the world. It was a very powerful transition for you.

The Queen of Cups (Venus): She so beautiful, so soulful, and a creative force to be reckoned with. Cups, as you know, is the suit of the Emotional realm (water), and the Fools’ Journey through the emotional realm is about learning to flow our emotions in healthy, wholistic ways. The QUEEN represents that mastery. She brings inspiration and feeling to the world through art, intimacy and love. She has the ability to express love, inspiring and nuturing others to be more soulful. She can also be as mysterious as the MOON, as receptive to her inner life as she is to inspiration.

In the Recent Past position, I pulled 10 Coins Reversed: The 10 represents the fruition of a cycle where great satisfaction, expansion, property, prosperity and such have been attained. We have followed the path of manifestion, and now the goodness of that awaits us. Because the card is reversed, it means that there is a little bit of a blockage for you right now, in enjoying your successes or even in ATTAINING the success you desire. Maybe it’s been a bit elusive, or you’ve been uncertain on how to attain it or future it. This card can also indicate some difficulties at home, maybe with family relationships. The Queen is busy seeking ways to take her life to the next level primarily in the material world right now and, perhaps, maybe even using her vast emotional wealth combined with her creativity to produce something that will really touch others.

In the Present: I pulled Ace Arrows Rev: Oh, here are those Arrows again and the Ace represents the beginning of a new stage. Arrows are associated with air and salt. Salt is all that is left when the ocean dries up and a component of tears wept during a painful experience, when we feel we have nothing inside us but pure emotion. Air symbolizes messages and communications, from far away. Birds, who ride the air, are considered to be heralds of Divine thought, bringing messages from celestial ‘goddesses and gods to earthbound humans. The Arrows suggest the incisive force of intellect and how to focus our firey energies into growth. The Ace of Arrows is about pure understanding, wisdom, clarity and judgment. We know the difference between right and wrong. Because it’s reversed, it’s adding energy to this idea: This is a time for getting clear on what you want to experience, what you want in a mate, what you want from your business, how to honor your own power, etc. And don’t waste time in self-recrimination or blaming others. This is a major time of transformation for you, but it won’t come from a new relationship it will come from your own LIGHTENING BOLT experiences/thoughts/ideas.

In the Future position, we have the Queen of Staves: Fricka, the consort of Wotan dressed in Red, is clever, strong of mind and will, and knows how to hold her power. Her enthusiasm is focused on those projects and people she find worthy of attention. She is wise enough to understand that action for action’s sake leads nowhere and to nothing. This is a woman seeking results NOT excitement. She knows how to flow her power to creating pragmatic actions, material good, business expansions, etc. This is where you are heading as you focus in and apply your creativity and intellect in manifesting a life that brings you joy and prosperity (Which, in my mind, will completely turn about a 10 Coins perspective and achieve you the satisfaction, home life, and business life you’ve been wanting!)

Now, I know you asked about LOVE! *lol* Not to worry. This is a season you’re going through while you continue to heal from your breakup (4 Arrows). And just because I can I DID pull some more cards.

And BINGO! Girl, great passionate love is coming to you. I’m thinking it might be a little later this year, perhaps towards Fall. (this is interesting since others are certain it is spring. but truth be told, I’m going to be crazy busy taking care of that stuff at the beginning of this reading)

The TRIUMPH! Card jumped out (The World) Oh yeah, joined with the King of Arrows AND the 9 of Cups. ALL of this indicates a passionate, substantial, committed relationship after triumphing over difficulties and bringing closure, happy closure to a phase in life. There is travel involved, career growth, a sense of expansion and hope. You are feeling supported by the universe and the King will be there to join in the fun! The 9 of Cups is the Wish card !!! There is a joyful sensuality, contentment and satisfaction. Transfigured by ecstacy, you’re finally in the embrace of your loved one. You are the Queen of Cups and your King by your side!

Notes from the universe: Happiness, dear Cynthia, is what greases the wheels of life. It’s also what opens the floodgates, marshals the forces, commands the elements, raises the sun, aligns the stars, beats your heart, heals what hurts, turns the page, makes new friends, finds true love, calls the shots, waves the wand, connects the dots, feeds your mind, frees your soul, rocks the world, and pays compound interest.

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