O.M.G. I am so busy. Busy busy busy So many things to get done before Saturday.

I’ve got three banners that are all works in progress in addition to my Wheel of the Year project. I plan on showing them at the Beltaine event this weekend. It is my plan to not only sell pouches and earrings but also to show the breadth of my work in the hopes of getting some commission work. I’ll also be showing a linen robe and this hat. I will take commissions on hats, pouches, banners, robes, book covers, checkbook covers, cell phone bags, you name it, if I can make it and you want to pay me, I’ll make it. Call me the Babylon Embroidery Whore.

So, here are some shots of the banners. Two of them I washed this weekend and they need to be blocked now. I thought the non-wool fibers would be enough to stop the wonky-ness but I was mistaken. Lesson learned. They all still need the backing, cotton batting, and the hanging mechanisms attached.

I used wool felt, silk brocade, cotton velveteen, perl cotton.

Harvest Blessings

Autumn Night

I started working on this one again last night. Got lots done.

Tree of Life

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