Holy Smokes!

I don’t know what happened but my blog stats have jumped from a typical 35 a day to over 100 views. With no visible gradual increase. Just a smallish number to what I consider a biggish number. Wonder what happened because the folks who read it appear to be the same as usual. For several days now. Not that I’m complaining. I know that Full Circle News sent some over (yay! Thanks!) (please don’t be disappointed when you discover that I’m not always compassionate) but where did you all come from?

I did get 92 one day when I made a controversial comment on The Wild Hunt but there are now 127 visits today.  And some appear to be from witchvox.  Where I did put entries.  The mind boggles.

Welcome all you new readers! Come on in, make yourself comfortable.

1 thought on “Holy Smokes!

  1. It’s lovely when you discover that you’re not just in here talking to yourself!! I’ve been getting into the hundreds a day, can’t for the life of me think what I’m saying that’s so diverting!!

    You, on the other hand, are writing stuff people really want to read, on a number of tres interessant topics. More power to ya!

    I mean this with all honestly. I AM??? I mean I really had no idea. I thought one or two maybe but on the whole I wondered if some of them weren’t just petty little day to day boring posts, lots and lots of posts. Postastic posts. *laugh* what a nice thing to say. {{{{{GreenWitch}}}}}} I love your blog. You, who get to go see Ronald Hutton, the big draw in the pagan world.

    When I got a ton of hits one day for my comment on The Wild Hunt and they didn’t come back the next day I figured that just about said it all. *wink*

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