After the Deluge

Aquila ka Hecate asks in her post, After the Deluge:

So, that’s what I’ll be doing After The Deluge, in between marking out ritual space and compounding incense – what about you?

I spent a lot of time reading The Archdruid Report and he asks this type of question a lot. He even asked it of me one day. And I could totally answer him although I don’t think he expected I could because he was kind of terse. While I only answered in my head, that was the only person who needed the information really. Me.

IF I survive that deluge and the local terrorists afterwards, AND I find a community to live with, then I think I’m in pretty darned good shape.

Sure, I could probably be a shaman and that might be cool but I’m just a practical girl scout kind of gal.

  • I can make clothes. I can mend clothes. I can alter clothes. I’d be raiding owner-less fabric stores right after the grocery and seed stores let me tell you. And I can do it all without a machine.
  • I can make patterns.
  • I can make shoes, also without a machine. They will serve.
  • I can knit so I can do socks and hats and mittens and scarves.
  • I can also make cloth bias cut sewn socks.
  • I can garden.
  • I know what to do with bad soil.
  • I know how to nurture plants.
  • I can cook, make cheese, breads.
  • I can build a fire and cook on that.
  • I can ride a horse.
  • I can train dogs.
  • I can shoot a gun, sometimes pretty accurately.
  • I can sing and play the violin. I can read music in three keys. What would I sing? John Denver of course. And I’ve have to track down my cousin who plays the fiddle. A greezy fiddle. Heaven.
  • I know how to take care of babies and children (but would rather not).
  • I am resourceful.
  • I can dress game (but would rather not).
  • I can fish and clean them.
  • I can throw pots and fire them in the ground.
  • I can make silver jewelry (if I have the flame source and the metal), paint, bead, that kind of thing. Because art? Will be important too after the necessities are hammered out. Surely someone would want me to make them something they could give their sweeties?
  • I can make a wedding dress and a wedding ring.
  • I can perform a wedding and a funeral.
  • I can make wood things if put to it, benches, tables, boxes. They may not be beautiful but they will serve.
  • I know how to flush a toilet if the water service is off and there is an extrenal source like a pond or a well. But a hole in the ground would probably serve better. Or best of all, get my hands on a composting toilet, that would serve. Cuz sometimes I think one would just WANT to have that comfort.
  • And I’d do all I could to gather my loved ones near.

What I can’t do is haul stuff and chop wood, bad back. I don’t have any chickens. I could use a goat, I can milk a goat if it’ll let me. But I think I have enough practical skills to make me a valuable asset to the community and to give me bartering room. I’m sure there are things I can do that I’m not thinking of.

What do you have to offer a community post apocalypse? I’m sure that all of us can find something but if not? What would you do? What would you like your community to look like? Would you miss the old world? Would you get excited about the possibilities for living in a simple community with the people you’re stuck with?

And last but not least. The questions many I know might ask. Would I drink if it all came crashing down and I had to rely on my wits to get by? No. Absolutely not.

Have you read the Fifth Sacred Thing? Did you enjoy it? Did it speak to you? Inspire you? With the exception the crystals, we are ready to do most of that already. We just have to want to.

If you don’t put it in the comments, write about it in your blog and send me the link in a comment? Pretty please?

2 thoughts on “After the Deluge

  1. one thing springs to mind, which I can’t do yet, but hey, when did that ever stop anyone, is make cheese… mmmmmm,
    from raw cows milk and goats milk and sheeps milk, and flavour them with all the herbs I found in the ditches

    Yes! Exactly. I hate to admit it but I WERE to find that kind of community, the thought of the deluge just doesn’t sound all that bad to me. I would love things to get smaller…

  2. You’re an accomplished human, Beweaver!
    I’ll admit that I can also sew without a mchine, but in hushed tones as I don’t want to do everybody’s darning.

    Terri in Joburg

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