Daily Coyote and friends

It’s time to post about some of my fav blogs. Today will be the daily photo blogs…

Daily Coyote is #1 of all time for me. I check this blog every day even if I don’t have time to check any others. I live to see Charlie and sometimes Eli. Today was an extra treat because the author has a new puppy.

Beyond the Fields We Know ~ KerrdeLune lives away from the city and its lights and is an amazing photographer. What a treat.

Bountiful Healing ~ Today’s lovely is lettuce…

1 thought on “Daily Coyote and friends

  1. Yup, The Daily Coyote is my number one blog too; if I followed only one, this would be it. I always smile when there’s a post to be read and I really wouldn’t know what to do without my regular fixes of Charlie and the dashingly handsome Eli, and now a new addition to the family. Joy.

    P.S. Thank you – I found The Daily Coyote through your blog 😀

    Any time! Squeeee!

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