Summer is finally here!

A raccoon stopped by last night to visit the water bowl on the patio. The raccoons are regular visitors, sometimes a couple (in that case actually coupling), a family of mama and babies, and the occassional loner. They are so curious and always come up to the window to check me out. I simply can’t get a good picture through the glass but here is the little gal I met last night.

So cute. Standing on her hind legs, washing her hands, trying to climb onto the sill. Very healthy too.

The climbing roses are blooming by my front door. I stop to smell them every time I come to the door. I will be saving some of the petals for charms and the like.

The landlord and his minions came by this past weekend and did a number on the gardens here. I got to point and choose. It’s nice and about time. Things were entirely too overgrown. The blackberries were saved and are very lush this year. Just starting to bloom I anticipate the heavenly fragrance when the days get hot, one of my favorite summertime events. I hope this year they don’t wither on the vine.

Things continue to be interesting at work (I’m so busy!) but I don’t feel any more emotional attachment to it which is excellent. The Big Kahuni is back from Europe, she knows I’m leaving for sure, she is worried. BUT…

We had a good talk yesterday and there were lots of things she didn’t know. Which she knows now. And that did not bring a smile to her face. That man has been lying a blue streak. Lying lying lying. And he’s going to wish he hadn’t I suspect when he has his evaluation tomorrow.

God’s Rott said that our core in definitely going to be reorganized, that it has to be done before start of the school year, and there is a 90% chance that The Village Idiot is gone.

There are no guarantees but I think that everything is going to turn out exactly as I’m envisioning right now. I think I’m the only one actively doing so, why shouldn’t mine reign?


Things progress on the side, I meet with an important person this evening who can send me lots of work. Resume, check. Portfolio, check. Nerves in abeyance, check.

I’ve begun the process of designing my letterhead, writing up the design specs, that kind of thing. Busy busy busy.

Not much time to stitch these days. Probably won’t have as much to sell as I would like but that’s cool. I really need a vacation.

1 thought on “Summer is finally here!

  1. I love the racoon – she’s so sweet. Things sound good and you sound so positive and relaxed – that’s nice. 😀

    🙂 She was just adorable. I bet she would have walked right up to me. Which was exciting and scary at the same time… the cat was NOT impressed.

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