The countdown commences…

13.5 days to go…

I had a pretty good 4th. I always spend time on the 4th with sober friends. Every year they go to the rez and get terribly illegal fireworks and this year was stupendous. As Pam says, we blow shit up. And so we do. Lots of good food, good conversation, a good time was had by all.

I had Saturday and Sunday all to myself. I bought a couple books with some of my birthday money from my folks, that was nice. Books I’ve been looking at for some time.

A Guide to Green Housekeeping
Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork
One Skein

I played with felt and faux suede, read, napped, gardened (albeit a shabby job, much work left to be done here), all in all a peaceful time. I did some cooking, some cleaning, some drooling over cookbooks.

I finished the felt phone cases and change purses for the fairs latter this summer and now I have my summer stretching before me. I plan on doing some more cooking, that was fun for the first time in ages. Probably because the ex had a very limited palate, didn’t like any interesting food of any kind. That and the 30 mile drive to his house always left me with not enough time. I got out of habit and the doldrums of the past six months as I wend my way to a healed heart has been a bit, well, doldrummy.

With no further ado, the felt goodness…

Little change purses. Close with velcro tabs…

Little phone cases. Close with velcro tabs…

The new Sizzix paddle punch cutouts.
As usual I’m behind the times as this has been discontinued so I had to get on eBay. But they make the most cool little motifs so easily. So I can make lots fast without doing further damage to my hands. Some of these are felt and some are faux suede. I like the suede ones better as they are crisper but they will probably damage the cutters so I’ll try to be judicious. The only shape I’ve been missing was the snowflake and I just found it on eBay with a Buy Now option. Woot. Lots of snowflakes. Very happy me.

The next project is going to be a set of four seasonal vignettes. About 8×8 inches in felt. Very excited as this percolates around in my head.

I should mention that hitting metal cutters with a hammer is pretty cathartic as well.

5 thoughts on “The countdown commences…

  1. Lovely as always, dear! Hmmm… have you looked into leather punches? Just a thought as I really have no idea what they have available, but what I have seen look similar to that (I think, it has been a very long time).

  2. Thanks all!

    Fox, I have looked at leather punches but to my knowledge the ones that go through the leather are pretty standard holes and lacing stuff. I even own some as I used to do leather work. The only other thing I am aware of is leather stamps which have a myriad of designs but they only impress the leather, don’t go all the way through.

  3. I love the little apple cut-outs, and your beautiful work. Thanks for posting photos.

    *smile* The little apples! That is so cool. I love another artistic eye. I can now do these in reds and bright greens. They were supposed to be pumpkins but out of context you are right! Two, two, two punches in one.

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