Spa Day

I have been waiting for today.  There is a lovely, women only, Korean Spa close to my house.  Olympus Spa.  Not only is it gorgeous but it is totally reasonably priced.  And very little of that we’re so cool and hip and skinny shit.  This is where real women go to be pampered.  $35 gives a full day of their pools, saunas, and heated salt and mud rooms. 

Today is special.  Today I get the full body scrub, a manicure, and a facial.  The price of which includes the pools, mugwort bathes, etc…

I’m going to take this opportunity to visualize all the cares of last year washing away, along with the top layer of skin because those ladies take it all and swirl it down the drain.  No room for modesty, if it can be scrubbed, it’s gonna be scrubbed.  All the pain, angst, frustration, and anger are going to be banished with the soap.  As they moisturize all the joys, love, and contentment will be rubbed in and manifest my future days.

I’ve eaten almost no meat this week.  I’ve switched my diet, almost effortlessly, to a no mammals diet.  But I seem not to be craving even the chicken and seafood I allow myself.  Hummus and beans have been the protein of my diet, lots of veggies and fruit.  But it’s weird I simply haven’t wanted to eat much at all.  A friend who saw me on the 4th asked if I’d lost weight when she say me at a meeting yesterday.  I guess I probably have.  Which is good because I want to lose about 30 pounds. The amazing thing is I’m not really trying.  I’ve begun my stretching regime but my knees aren’t  quite ready for the long walk so I ready myself.  And again, the old year is passing away.

I leave in a few minutes.  I’ll come home a wet noodle. I will also be refreshed, rejuvenated.  A clean and open new vessel waiting to be filled with what I choose to manifest next.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

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