Back to your regularly scheduled Autumn

I promised my brother the other day that his recent photo from Dubrovnik would be the first thing I would post on my next blog post. I lied, sorry bro, it was that bit about Palin…  took the time to read the blogs on my list today, get caught up and feel as though I should have been outside enjoying the September.  My favorite month of them all.  I live for September’s.

With no further dithering and screwing around I present one of the loveliest sites ever.

He’s so lucky!  Two weeks on the Dalmatian Coast.  *sigh*

I’m sitting here applying for jobs while the sun finally shines.  After almost two weeks of rain and cold temperatures, cold enough to turn on the heat fer crying out loud, we are back to our typical September.  I love September.  Sunny days, blue skies, a slight breeze, a hint of turning leaves in the scents… 

My blackberries molded on the vine thanks to all the rain.  I’m pretty sad about that. But I do have some frozen from last years bumper crop left.  What berries didn’t mold I’m leaving to the wild beasties.

I walked around the lake yesterday, it was incredibly gorgeous.  I took photos. I can’t seem to get any of them to go to my email. Darn, I had a lovely shot of a dragonfly with striped wings resting on a huge blackberry leaf next to some plump berries that didn’t actually mold.  You’ll just have to imagine.  I had photos of the mimosa trees in bloom, the seagulls with their wings all cattywompus from the wind, it was a lovely day.

I must get out in the sun again today…  Warm up my toesies.

After much thought I have renewed my petition to join a local Kingstone coven.  I went through their outer grove class, learned tons, it was a blessing. But I wasn’t ready to go further.  So I didn’t pursue it.  Now that my schedule is my own and it no longer matters if circles go until 2am I’ve renewed my request.  I meet with my beloved and much missed Higher Priestess on Monday to talk.  I will of course have to be interviewed and re-meet folks and then they will vote.  There are no guarantees.  No worries there. What is meant to be will be. 

My experiences with the two women I met recently showed me that I wanted structure but that I wasn’t interested in being the creator of it just yet. That I have much to teach but more to learn.  I finally have designed my life so that I have time.  Oh goodness plenty of time.  Perhaps a bit too much. 

Have been applying for jobs and the opportunities present themselves but so far no bites.  Launched a new site last week, they were very happy, perhaps some other work will come out of that.  Visualizing my ass off.

Off to go worship September and do some herb harvesting…

4 thoughts on “Back to your regularly scheduled Autumn

  1. Wow, September sounds perfect where you live – how wonderful!

    I’ve been partial to fall for much of my life, although in recent years, I’ve come to appreciate summer greatly.

    One of my goals this year is not to roast and freeze so many varieites of heirloom pumpkins that I start sobbing everytime I have to pull something out of the overstuffed freezer. We’ll see how it goes (although, last year, we had killer soups, pumpkin breads, pies, etc.).

    I’m curious to see hear how all your coven stuff goes.

    Be well and enjoy that September magick!

  2. I love autumn, it just takes forever for it to show up down here. I THINK we have to wait till the middle of October for that really noticeable drop in temperature. It’s like the Earth just stores up all this heat and humidity and reluctantly lets it go when the Sun simply isn’t there anymore to keep everything heated up. Then, after a short period of relative comfort, the misery sets in. That’s what we get in NE Florida; not a winter – a MISERY. Dampness, chill, maybe a couple of freezes, heat then cold then heat and you can’t plan anything weather dependant. I miss the North where seasons exist. Or at least DID. I’m sure climate change is screwing things up everywhere.

    Good luck with the job!

  3. Thank you guys!

    TM~ Some folks think the Pacific Northwest winter is a misery too. Rain, rain, and more rain. But unless I’m walking around in it, and even then really, I love the rain. It’s why we’re so green and lush up here.

    G of TFR~ Hoping for a pumpkin muffin or bread recipe. Dying for a slice of pumpkin bread.

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