Another Manic Monday

I might not be bringing in any money right now but I’m working like crazy. What a strange dichotomy.  But it feels good to be productive so produce I do.  I’ve applied with several head hunters in the area who specialize in technical professions and find work of both permanent and temporary natures as well as part time.  One even called me this morning and I meet with her on Wednesday.

Over the weekend I finished the autumn charm necklace and made some new earrings for the fair on the 27th.

There is a little black wooden pig in the third necklace photo that, if you hold it’s belly to the light (there is a clear piece of glass embedded there) you can see a photograph of a church in England.  This is a memento from my mother’s mother, Nana. There is a raven and also many stags, bloodstones, rubies, amber, bone, jet, turquoise, blue goldstone, jasper, carnelian, lava, gold, silver, pearls, all kinds of goodies.  Many momentos and keepsakes in there…

1 thought on “Another Manic Monday

  1. Oh the necklace! Gorgeous, amazing! It must’ve taken forever, but definitely worth it! You’re little flower earrings are so girly, lovely. Thanks for sharing 😉

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