Stealth Magic

Stealth mode.  Perusing the photos from Pagan Pride just for fun and there was me in the class I took.  Tis me with the very short, kinda messy, white hair and green velvet jacket…  Listening very intently to the folks discuss things like eating in a magical way.  The two cool priestesses from the Aquarian Tabernacle Church are there in the center facing us in black.  I don’t think they mind me saying as their photos are on the ATC website too. I am seriously considering going to Hecate’s Sickle but I digress.  I need to get some money coming in before I go there.  Money comes easily and frequently.  Blessed be.

There was discussion of a great magical ritual around food.  You can do it at your desk at work while eating your lunch and only you will know that the witch is at work.  I’ll share it with you here. Two, two tips, two for the price of none!

If you’re like me you get emails or calls out from the universe that someone is in need.  They need our energy or our prayers or some other type of magical work but they are far away.  I find it always helps if I also get a photo of the person (human, animal, or plant, etc…)  So. The request has come in. Typically over the interwebz and through my email so I’m usually sitting at my desk and in the past in my public office.  How do you do this service in stealth mode? This is what I usually do.

I relax.  If there is a photo I stroke it and get to know the face I’m seeing.  The animals especially get petted.  I say nice loving things to the being in the photo.  Then I sit back, close my eyes, and ground.  Once grounded I start drawing energy up through the grounding channel and get it coursing in a deosil circle though my body and back down through the earth and back up into my body, round and round.  Once the energy is really flowing I start holding it in my body, typically my chest cavity, using my lungs to suck up more and more energy.  When I can fill up no more and I’m buzzing strongly I hold my hands to my mouth and I start blowing the energy out into the ethers helping it flow out by moving my pulling it with my hands.  I do this thrice. So Mote It Be.

Okay that part wasn’t so stealthy but it’s amazing, no one has ever walked by when I set up a little circle to do this. I also had wards set up which are partly responsible I’m sure.


The new thing was to use food to do this.  Take an apple for instance, a very magical fruit, fruit of the goddess. For those who don’t know, when you cut an apple in half horizontally, side to side, and open it up there is a five pointed star.  The apple blossom is a five petaled flower and since the fruit forms from these five points, the inside remains five pointed.  A natural pentacle. Pretty cool. And very beautiful. So take the apple, relax, and ground, and start thinking of the well being of the person etc you are helping.  As you eat the apple, let every bite be a blessing, send your energy out with each large bite and then take in the juices, the pulp, and make it a part of yourself.  Make the eating of the apple be a ritual as you concentrate, with focused intent, on the healing or blessing.  Leave the apple core for the critters, put it in the compost, or if you are the kind of person who likes this, eat it. 

Stealth Magic.  My favorite kind.

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