The Druid Plant Oracle

One day many years ago now I discovered the Druid Animal Oracle and fell in love.  In love with Will Worthington’s work.  OMG.  Not to mention the work of the amazing writer of the oracles, Philip Carr-Gomm and his wife, Stephanie.  Their DruidCraft Tarot is my favorite deck of all time.  It is also the first place I go for artistic inspiration.  God/dess is in the details indeed.  My only complaint, and it is very minor, is the size of the cards.  They are too big for my hands. BUT.  I wouldn’t change a thing since the bigger the cards, the bigger the image. And the images are incredible.

You can find out more about their spiritual group at the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids website.

Will paints on wood using ancient tempura methods of pigment and egg.  The work is incredibly stunning and lush.  I used to have a youtube video of an interview with Will describing how he paints and what with but I can’t find it.  Darn.  Visit Will’s Website.

The Druid Plant Oracle is now available.  You can get it at, and through the OBOD website.

2 thoughts on “The Druid Plant Oracle

  1. The Druid Animal Oracle was the first oracular deck I bought as an adult (I had a tarot deck as a teen that my parents quickly confiscated).

    I used for the longest time and had really powerful experiences with it. The plant cards look gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  2. I’ve seen this deck and it is amazing – worthy of framing. Druidcast, the OBOD podcast, did an interview in episode 10 with the artist Will Worthington, he is delightful and an artist to the core!

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