I’m Moving

After much thought, I’ve decided to move.  I will be losing the lovely view out my living room window, no more hanging trees and birds and squirrels and the like. Miss Mitty and I will have to adjust. But I won’t miss the bizarre landlord.  And I do love my friend M.

A friend of mine who I’ve known for 13+ years has a lovely house.  She needs a housemate to cover expenses and to be there when she is out of town.  She has great kitty kat named Sophie who needs someone home while she is gone too.  M is out of town every other week on business and gone a great deal.  So she really does need someone. And that someone is going to be me.

The thing that put me over the top was the two extra rooms. One is an office that has built in shelving and would make a fabulous sewing studio and home office.  The other is an unfinished room that will eventually be a kitchen but I am envisioning a temple room for the time being.  We would share the kitchen and the laundry but aside from that the entire lower level would be mine.  The living room and bedroom are much bigger than what I have, freshly painted and much newer than my little place.  And there is tons of storage, something I don’t have at the moment.

I will be losing some charm for certain, no more pine wainscotting, and of course the wildlife, that part kind of breaks my heart.  There is a back yard with a nice patio but no trees. I will need to get busy, I’m sure M will go in on a sapling or two.

It will cost me a little more than what I’m paying now but not that much really. The rent is actually lower but the utilities are higher.  I really do need to get a part time job, this must happen but hey, if I don’t I’m going to have as much trouble paying the rent here as there and my friend won’t throw me out on the street if it came to that.  I’d be safe(er).

So.  I’ll begin packing right away and because it is currently empty I can start moving stuff over as I can.  Which means moving day itself should be pretty easy.

Moving day is November 15th.


2 thoughts on “I’m Moving

  1. Good luck with this – it sounds like a good choice!

    We’re moving, too, about one week later. Our rent kept going up exponentially and after me leaving my big corporate job, it just wasn’t possible. However, with the help of my ancestors (and my paternal Grandpa Joe in particular), we found an absolutely great place for a great price.

    Yes, packing – I’m dreading it.

  2. Hey baby, I’ve been super busy but I just stopped by to see how you are doing.

    Wow, things are definately changing in your world. I’m sure it will all shake out for the best. It sounds like you will miss parts of the environment, but in other ways it will most likely be much more nurturing and healthy.

    I wish I could offer the use of a big vehicle, but the one I’ve got now is rather scary. If you still need any help the weekend after the 14-16th I’d love to come visit and help any way I can. I get back from Italy late on the 10th, and I’m running a cooking event 14-16.

    Big hugs to you!! I’m sure things big changes will be bring great new things to your life!

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