Book Reviews and A New Day

Somehow I’ve attracted the notice of Red Wheel Books and their affiliates.  They have a large selection of Pagan and Wiccan titles, many of which are either old favorites or new interesting choices.  I have been invited to review as many books as I like and post the reviews on my blog, even if they aren’t glowing.  I intend to be fair and honest but kind.  I know how tender us writers/artists can be. They are sending the package out today.  And she loves my blog for its honesty and my handwork.  What an honor and heart boost.

I’ve received many kind comments and private emails in response to my post about money.  I cried as I read them.  Katherine, your Goddess of Love paragraph started the deluge.  Ahhhhhhhh.  And this morning I have no headache.  I allowed myself to do nothing work related yesterday, took a long nap, and read a mindless thriller.  I feel much better today.  One day at a time.  Thank you all so much.

Thank you Universe.  You catch me every time.

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