Contest!! Spirit Photography ~ Name That Spirit

Okay! Here we go.  And you get to see me in my Dead Salem Witch costume.

Here’s da rules.

Contest Deadline:

Full Moon, Thursday, November 13th when I get up in the morning, have my coffee and sit down to the computer.  Which is approxiamately 9:00am PST.

What you have to do:

First place winner must be the first person to tell me what you see in the smoke in photograph #1 that agrees with what I see.  Second place winner will be the first person to see something in photos #1, #2, or #3 that I do not or can not see. “Something” is defined thusly: It must be some sort of symbol that would have meaning in my life.  It can be metaphysical in nature (Goddess, rune, etc) or something symbolic (totem animal of myself or of my deities). These are spirit photos so that is, I suppose, the nature of the images. It doesn’t have to be one I already know but some new symbol or message for me.  I will not be as picky as you think. Third place winner will make me smile or laugh out loud in response to what they see in any image.

Leave your answers in the comments section.


  • First place winner will receive any pouch of their choice from my etsy store at the time of contest end. (I have some I need to add so there will be more selection at contest end).
  • Second place winner will receive any pair of earrings of their choice from my etsy store at the time of contest end. (I have some I need to add so there will be more selection at contest end).
  • Third place winner will receive either a check book cover, a cell phone cover, or a small velcro money/card wallet, my choice. These are not on the etsy store, you will be surprised.  In return for surprising me.  See how that works?

Photo #1

Photos #2

Photo #3

The Rest of the Photos:








18 thoughts on “Contest!! Spirit Photography ~ Name That Spirit

  1. Wow! Those are great. I’m seeing lots of things. I’ll be commenting – not for the contest – but for how very cool it is!

  2. You sure you don’t want a prize? Not first prize, that wasn’t what I saw, but certainly second prize.

    The longer I look at these things the more I see.

    But my first response to the image in #1 was so appropriate and has continued to show up in other ways and areas since then, especially on Hekate’s Night, that I know that is the message.

    Hope that makes you all squirm with anticipation!

  3. In #1 I can totally see an insect with a large butt playing the harmonica. Either that or he’s stuffing an entire Wonder bread sandwich in his mouth. I’m not sure what that means for you, spirit wise, though.

  4. Bzzzzt! Nope that isn’t it. I can’t tell, are you SERIOUS? Dang girl. You might win third prize. That made me laugh. If not one else makes me laugh that hard you the winner.

    Any takers? Cuz that’s a doozy.

  5. I believe properly this is called kapnomancy, divination by smoke.

    That first photo I thought was a lion at first, running towards you; now I’m pretty sure it’s a horse, head down, front leg lifted. He’s swishing his tail and looks a little frisky, if you ask me.

    #2 I see a woman in a dress bent over at the waist (facing the left), her arm up around her head in despair. She is looking straight at us and I can make out her brow and the line of her nose. She looks frightened and protective of herself.

    #3 I see a woman with her hair in a large bun cradling the moon on her lap. Her hairstyle makes her look almost Chinese or Japanese.

    #4 Very dimly, a woman’s smiling face in profile looking at you. She almost looks like she has a dreamcatcher, or a crescent moon with feathers hanging from it on her cheek. She looks quite kind.

    #5 Another horse, with an angel riding him; the wind is blowing its mane from behind.

    #6 A witch riding a broomstick away from you, her cloak billowing out behind her.

    #7 I don’t know.

    #8 A seated woman wearing a veil; she looks like she’s holding a baby on her lap. I can see her bare feet poking out from under her long dress. She reminds me of the Virgin Mary.

    #9 Looks like the profile of a long-haired man with a little beard, I’m tempted to say Jesus, and I don’t know what’s come over me. I’m a good Pagan, honest!

    #10 A buck/deer, a red deer I think as he’s got a bit of a mane; he’s leaning back towards the flame, the Sun caught in his antlers; but his front leg is bending the wrong way, broken. And then there’s that weird rainbow swish at the bottom. Is that your hand holding something?

    These are *way* too fun.

  6. Oops, went ahead and did them all when you only asked for opinions on 1, 2, & 3. Well, too fun, like I said.

    The more I look at #3 I think the woman’s bun might actually be a halo; and within the crescent of the moon on her lap I see a pair of lovers’ faces, cuddled up against each other, the man to the left, the woman to the right, her long hair blowing in the wind.

    And I think that horse in the first one is stamping his foot impatiently, saying, come for a ride!

  7. I couldn’t pull an image for all the photos, but I found a few anyway.

    1. A horse with its head facing down and back towards its forelegs.

    2. There is a very faint image of a Unicorn head near the face.

    3. Seahorse head

    5. A horse in full run with a mounted rider.

    8. A baby in a womb.

    9. A seated fairy looking into the flame.

    Hmm… Either I’m seeing things, or you have something going on that is quite distinctly related to horses. That or something is telling you it is time for a good “ride”. 😉


  8. Wow! You guys! This is so awesome. And Kapnomancy, even cooler.

    I can hardly contain myself, I want to answer to all of these. But I’m going to wait and hold the suspense.

    {{{Hugs back atcha Fox!}}}

    I can answer one thing about image #10. At first I hadn’t a clue but I think it is the glow in the dark stick that I was given to hand out to my favorite costume. My attention was completely broken just at the moment that shot was snapped.

    Gonna be hard as heck to shut my mouth, or my stop typing as it were. But I can’t wait to hear what other folks come up with…

    I never dreamed I’d get these answers but I must be patient. First prize is not won yet.

  9. #1 – Looks like a praying mantis/grasshopper
    #2 – Looks like two people on a seesaw/teeter-totter
    #3 – Looks like a woman picking a leaf from a lotus flower

  10. #1 looks like an outstretched hand that is holding something – possibly an anchor by the look of the two hooky bits at the left.

    #2 Some sort of creature moving away from you, rapidly

    #3 The shape behind you looks like a mediaeval rendition of a saint with halo swinging a censer out to the side towards the candle.

    #4 Top view of a uterus with fallopian tubes out to the sides and a big shiny egg above (and no, I have only been drinking tea!)

    #5 A cavalier on a horse, with its back leg behind the candle stick, galloping towards you

    #8 It’s an octopus! The beak is pointing towards the candle and his tentacles are streaming out behind him… oh, and there’s ink squishing out underneath

    #10 There’s a from hopping away from you – maybe it’s a toad – can you see the back legs getting ready to spring? No? Honestly, its there!

  11. Wow. I just never expected this. I has been a very interesting exercise in what folks see and how, if you don’t lead them, they simply don’t see the same things that you or anyone else sees.

    Incredibly awesome. If I work hard, I can see all the things you all see, except Turtleheart’s wonder bread sandwich, which I love!

    I can’t wait for next week.

  12. I haven’t peeked at any other answers.
    1. Dragon flying away from you. Also see an eagle.
    2. Winged female spirit guide.
    3. Is amazing – Jeshua behind you – the lotus of wisdom in front of you.
    4. The Goddess Hathor.
    5. A valiant knight in armor.
    6. Witch, witch, she’s a witch (on broomstick no less):)
    7. Green man
    8. One of the fairies that lives in your garden.
    9. Michael the archangel with flaming sword.
    10. A daffodil and a small winged spirit talking to you.

  13. More #1 musings

    I had to look at #1 again in a the larger size. I turned it sideways and saw something else.

    I saw the torso of what I think is a quite handsome and romantic looking man and behind him a slightly fading head of a chicken. The figure is quite clear though.

    I also seemed to think I could make out the image of lovers on a bed as well.

    And I also see someone laying on a bed deep in dream-state sleep with a woman standing and watching with affection.

    That same woman watching figure in the background I can also see as a norse looking birds head in early Viking style.

  14. I keep on peeking to see if you have made any comments – so curious if I saw things you didn’t. (or you did!) I knows you must be busy with moving, so I’ll keep checking back. This was gobs of fun.

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