Oh yes the flow is flowing

I don’t know why I can tell I just can.  Problems are being solved in record time, answers coming.  Found a refillable inexpensive fountain pen and was able to pay for them with a gift card so basically free.  Met a friend for coffee, he is also my very first client, and got paid so I can make my car payment.  Figured out that my laptop has a switch on the side that turns wireless on and off. Thank goodness I found that.  Cuz I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t connect.  Little things but I know that the *pop* is coming.  When everything bursts out of the bottleneck that was 2008 and starts moving along quickly.

Not much to say, working on my assignments, cooking for myself again, reading books again, stitching again.  All in all, feeling better than I have in some time.  Yay me.

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