Appreciate your concern

A few of you have written me privately, warning me, talking about bad signs, and doing your all to protect me from harm.  Do this, don’t do that, beware of that sentence, it is a death nell.  Surely you’ve figured out by now that I’ve heard it all. I know what certain phrases mean. I also know how to ask for clarification, to push a little. What on earth are you trying to save me from?  The worst thing I’ve ever feared or the best thing that I’ve ever done?  Thoughts become things my friends.  I appreciate your concern, really I do. While yes, I am doing things differently this time around, my timeline is not your timeline, nor should it be. And while I don’t mind making a bit of a fool of myself, I am in no way STUPID. Just saying…

No guts, no glory.

I refer you gently, with gratitude and love, to this post from last July, Why Are We Here?

1 thought on “Appreciate your concern

  1. Damn right, sister! This is YOUR budding delight – you play it how you play it.

    I hope all continues to unfold in lovely ways, and ENJOY!

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