The Final Saga of Pauline in Peril and The Carrot Man

Shit.  Puke. PUKE. Shit. SHIT.

Swear to all that is holy, I’m not saying it to just swear. Remember when TCM stepped in the poo and I was struck smitten?  Remember when I said that his two cats both puked, one on my purse, one by the bed, our first night together? I forgot to mention that one of his cats, on our second night together, left a 2 foot long streak of poo on the carpet at the foot of the bed.  And today?

On my walk, I looked down to see that somehow I had stepped in poo and not noticed.  I was on concrete the whole way but because I didn’t catch it, it was smeared on the cuff of the opposite pant leg.  GAWD.  And I had a mile and a half to go before I could do much about it.

Seems fitting in some way, no?  And not less than a little gross.  I mean really.  What on earth am I supposed to do with this information?  Or is it, actually, just another banana?  Naw, it’s coming Full Circle.

But you know what really sucks?  Really?

I sort of miss him.  We did have some fun together.