This week in Cancer

If you ask young men what experiences have afforded them the most adventurous fun of their lives, a majority will talk about indoor activities. Some will say video games and others their sexual escapades. Only a minority will describe far-flung events in the great outdoors or exotic locales. What about you, Cancerian? Under what circumstances have your most amazing forays into the unknown unfolded? Where have you been transformed in ways that helped you stretch to meet your destiny? I’d like to suggest that it’s time to go beyond those previous benchmarks. You’re ready to transcend your personal limits as you wander into the frontier.

Oh, yes, outdoors.  Hmmmm.  What adventurous fun…

I certainly loved the years I was hanging with the local Seattle bands.  That was a truly great time. Even though I was drinking a lot on the weekends, I had structure in my life and boy did we have some fun road trips and parties.  I met some incredible people and went to some weird towns.

Sex in the outdoors, now there’s something worth pursuing at every fairly warm opportunity.

Paris on my own for a week.  France twice with family.  Mexico with friends.  Faerieworlds with friends.

But I’ve never really been in to adventure, at least not the adrenalin type of adventure.  Does peeing under the Alaska Way Viaduct at 1am count?  I kind of don’t think so.

But there have been forays into the unknown that have changed my life, events that have transformed me.

  • When the school bus crashed into my bedroom (I was in the bed) at 7:15 am one sunny June morning everything shifted.
  • Sobriety changed me and I’ll never be the same.
  • Unca Tom’s Coven changed me.
  • In less than 3, count ’em three, weeks I’ll be initiated officially for the first in my life.  (I consider the bus accident and sobriety to be initiations and because of them have never felt lacking in that area of my life)

What’s been fairly adventurous of late is that I’ve started going to noon 12 step meetings where I know almost no one.  In some ways it’s like starting over but with time.  I’ve been running into folks I haven’t seen in many years and that is wonderful.  And boy howdy, these meetings are full of guys. Who knew that’s where they are hiding.  And I’ve been getting the looks.  Wonder if they have any time?  Sobriety time sillies.  Well okay, that kind of time too.

Moving in with my folks is going to be an adventure.  I love them dearly but there will be adjustments.

I’m up for adventure of the happy sort. I have decided that my life has brought me many lessons, most of them lessons learned through pain.  I’ve decided that surely it’s just as easy for the Universe to teach me through joy.  So I’ve given the Universe an assignment.  It is to teach me that I am loved by bringing me much love.  Love of the passionate sort.  With Joy.   Bring it on.  I’m ready to lick up all the syrup I can get.

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