I’m mid move and so far so good. The energy here is so different than where I’ve been. I never did really get comfortable at the last place. The vibe just never really sat well and I never felt completely relaxed. I could speculate and I have some pretty darned good ideas but suffice it to say that my housemate and I just weren’t on the same wavelength. And I was always cold as the lower level where I lived simply never heated up past 58F. I had to use space heaters and due to electric issues, could only have one going in any one room at any given time. So I would leave one room and freeze in the next until I could warm it up. It was next to miserable. Miss Mitty slept all the time in the dark which made me so sad. And here? She’s all over the house, being social, she seems much happier already. Here at my folks the energy here is nice. Peaceful. Comfortable. We’re both happier already.

Last night was my second night here. On a twin bed which is short and narrow, even for me. I’m used to a great deal more room but the bed is a good bed and I slept really well last night. Aaaaahhhhhhhh. Woke up this morning to the sound of rain and crows. And a very distinct feeling that spring is really here and that everything is going to be very different very soon. Oh Yay!

The storage units are almost packed, a few boxes left to fill today, some spackling, and bring over my food. Then Saturday the final leg of bringing two pieces of furniture and some boxes here. A pretty easy move actually. Today will be fairly busy. Looking forward to being done for awhile. I’m really over this moving thing.

I can nest for the next few days then initiation, the next night teaching (yes, I’m now one of the teachers of Outer Grove instead of a student which feels like such an honor), then a Crafty craft night on Friday before my meeting.

Life is already better, I’m feeling better, hopeful. There is good daylight in my little room, a decent view as I sit at my computer and look out the window at the world, I’m warmer, and soon to be employed. I can just feel it.

2 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. Hey, Deer Hart!

    Gird your loins for Wednesday, for soon you will be a relative! I will be burning my *best* candles for you and sending up the Holy Smokes, too on your special night!

    Much love and hugs your way!

    Yer Stag Sis


  2. Thanks so much for commenting. I was able to figure out why my emails to you keep bouncing!

    Gird my loins? Sword in battle?

    I’m really excited about tomorrow. Been thinking of you a lot. Came by the store to buy cat fud but you were at a different locale that day.

    I love you too!

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