Book Cover

A little project for a friend’s birthday. He be loving the black and red. Me, I love this juxtaposed against the quilt.

This isn’t finished, plan on more embroidery but wanted it as done as possible.  One of the reasons I use some kind of bonding adhesive for my appliques is that when I embroider a motif down that isn’t bonded it tends to move a bit and that makes my pentagrams not point correctly. But I only found out his birthday three days ago and it’s in a week. So decided to leave it as is and hope he’s glad for the obvious handmadeness of it all. There shall be color in the corners etc…


I love this cotton print…


1 thought on “Book Cover

  1. I have got a similar one lying in my draw 😀 , but the cover is purple and the pentagram black. Haven’t worked on it for ages. The other one I made can be found under the category: Shop items.

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