Taking my time

It’s been kind of a crazy few days. I’m just chilling.  It’s a pink day, need the color of affinity.  We are having a spate of April showers to bring the May flowers.  I’ve been to my noon meeting, laughed good and hard and heard what I needed.  Dealt with the garbage as tomorrow is pickup day of the trash and yard/food waste bins.

I’m playing on the computer, looking around for art that soothes me, feeling in the need of healing fae today.

Made my superhero avatar from The Hero Factory.  I had no choice in the name, I would have preferred Hearts on Wings or Samurai Pink Avenging Angel or Avenging Afinity.  But this just doesn’t say swashbuckling pirate to me.


Going to make some wire and bead jewelry tonight and watch Cadfael. That’s about all I’m up to after a migraine that wouldn’t go away yesterday. The best I could get it to was a dull roar and that was after TWO oxycodones at the same time. For a total of 3.  Which always makes me very uncomfortable as I always have to make sure I don’t reactivate my addiction/alcoholism but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I do what I can to stay honest about it and keep a watchful eye, don’t let it become a secret. I only use those after all else has failed. It was brutal.  So I gave myself permission to do not much of anything today. Tomorrow I will busy as I continue to work on a matrix for some work I’m going to offer to the author communities out there.

The man I’ve been communicating with via email, we are still communicating via email. It is nice intense and intriguing and we are working towards balance. I like him. We are in no hurry to communicate in any other form at this time.  And that is more than enough for me at the moment. And him too.  We are very similiar but both don’t want to get involved casually or quickly. We want the whole dream and don’t want to rush.  We both have lots on our plates at this time and aren’t going anywhere as we deal with the issues that are life.

But for today, it’s about spring rain, a bit of loving with Miss Mitty (who got the pee scared out of her when the smoke alarm went of during family easter dinner), warm socks, hot tea, and quiet time.

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