Mac and Cheese

Just a litte update. Needing the comfort food these days.

Every spring for the last 4 years, my cycles speed up.  I can have 5-6 cycles in three months time.  And then back to normal.  When it first started happening I was joyous as I thought since it was combined with hot flashes etc that perhaps the cycles would end.  But nope.  Every spring things speed up and then go back to normal.   Which means I have a migraine.  Again.  Gah.

Tonight is Outer Grove and I really want to go.  Will see if I can overcome the migraine as Outer Grove night is the highlight of my week.  Next week, no Outer Grove as we will be celebrating Beltaine at the covenstead.  Which is the highlight of my week times two.

I haven’t been submitting much artwork here for one reason only.  The artwork I’m doing at the moment is for my traditions Book of Shadows (it is my personal copy).  I can’t show you the Book of Shadows and so you can not see the lovely work I’m doing with my colored pencils.  Page by page, little by little, it’s becoming beautiful.  If I can find the inclination to take photos and blur out the text but keep the images, I will post some things for you all.

I am knitting socks like crazy as well in glorious blended colors.  Suppose I could take pictures of that but since some of these are gifties, I will have to wait until they are received.

The neighborhood affords me lovely walks with some very steep hills so I’m keeping my weight steady. I feel all proud of myself when I make it to the top of the ridge and then back down to crest the other ridge.   It’s time to stop lollygagging though as I’ve not been as regular about it as I could and I’ve been eating too much junk.  I want to go for the last 10 or 20.  I think I’ll be most happy with the 10 simply because I’m pretty pleased right now.  But this isn’t about being pretty.  This is about making sure my body lasts me a long time and I better get busy because I’ve been negligent.

There is a new look.  I couldn’t help it. I’ve been tired of the look of the blog lately and when I saw Forest Grove’s new look I decided it was time.  I don’t know if I will change it seasonally or not but if I do I think I will keep it to just the masthead.  This photo is a cropped image I found when I googled Beltaine.

Still no news on the job front but I keep applying.  Little bits and bops come in and I’m still solvent and still have the car.  There is potential for some more business but really, this is getting seriously tiresome.  And I need to get out of the house more.  I love my folks and they love me, but this is truly only temporary.  I need my private space back, my peace and quiet without CNN blaring or Dancing with the Stars.

This Saturday is Beltaine at OLOTEAS and I am very much looking forward to it.  The weather forecast is promising, should be a good time.

Life is good even though I can hardly stand the migraine.  So, off to take a pain pill to see if I can kick it to Mars.

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