Book of Shadows

For years I began work on Books of Shadows.  As an arty kind of gal I wanted to make one pretty.  But as a witch, I’m simply not that active.  I’d get the beginning pages going, things like laws and The Charge of the Goddess and the Wiccan Rede and then I’d stop. Because I didn’t do a lot of spell work, I don’t do a lot of divination, and I never put together my own sabbat and esbat rituals.  I have 2 of these books which stopped before they got started.

Now that I’m part of a coven that is British Traditional Witchcraft I am required to write like crazy, to copy the tradition’s Book of Shadows.  And since I can’t find any work, well, I seem to have plenty of time on my hands to not only do the copying but to make it pretty.  Which is lot of work and I don’t have any idea how far I’ll get.

I am not a fine artist when it comes to paper and color, I’m much more accomplished as an embroiderer, but I can draw well enough and I understand color and light and shadow.  So while it is by no means Fine Art, but more fan art, it is decidedly pretty so far and I like it.  And my teacher is all ga-ga over it.

This was a full page that I left blank.  I wanted to put a book on the page but had no reference.  I suppose I should/could have used a real book but I went to my trusty tarot deck The Well Worn Path and used one of their BoS cards as a model.  Some of you familiar with that deck might even see the similarity but I did make it mine best I could.  And ignore the fact that I completely ignored scale regarding the tulip.  I’m a medievalist, I can do that.


This is for a warning so I used a hand to halt with a shield of protection.


Table of contents…


1 thought on “Book of Shadows

  1. I can see why she went GAGA!
    it is a lovely use of color. when ever i need to be inspired to ” color my world” I always pull out the man who planted trees, It is such an awesome reminder of the use of line and color to express emotions.

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