Money woes and money flows


Here’s hoping. Still haven’t won the big lottery but I did win $3 which translates to three free tickets. The big drawing is Friday. Beltaine. Lots of money magic going on over he’ah.

Called the attorney today and got his advice on how to handle the car. He says given the nature of my current payment arrangements with the creditor, it could be a couple months before they even notice I’m late. And since I’ve never been late, it’s best not to let them know and call attention to the situation. So. I have found a little more time to breathe.

Waiting for food stamps, do they mail them? I have no idea how this works.

Lots of job applications in, the local university is receiving American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding in May and expects to be opening up a lot more positions. Crossing fingers and toes…

It’s a gloriously beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest, going for a walk with a friend around our local Green Lake, had a great rit last night with the homies for Beltaine, raised some incredible energy (pow!), life is still good, still beautiful, still worth it all.

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