What you ask? What Reunion?

Back in the mid-late 80’s I was part of a gang of musicians, bands, girlfriends (me), and fans. We hung out for many years going on road trips, gigs, playing together socially. The playing socially included themed Christmas parties every year (formal, pajama, rent a school bus get a banquet license and a driver and go to mystery locations for specific activities). Two years in a row we entered the Seattle SeaFair Torchlight parade as a novelty band, Stump The Band. We made a banner, kilts out of orange and silver reflective tape and black pants with duct tape stripes, we had amps with batteries on hand trucks so it was electric as well, played local standards from Hendrix and the like including The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen Are In Seattle from the old tv show Here Comes The Brides. We had so much fun. Yeah, I drank like a fish but this was before it was killing me. It was still fun.

This weekend is three days of activities for our 20th reunion. And it’s bringing up stuff. Like that I still have very fond memories of one particular ex. Nothing to be done there, that time has passed, it’s cool. We’re both now in our 50’s (me just) and I find that I just still love him. Just as he his. It was nice seeing him for lunch today. He’s married, don’t go getting all excited.  It’s just really nice to know that someone you once loved, well you still love each other on some level. That’s really nice.

Going to see many, many old friends, the girl I helped birth who is now 21 and her mama, a couple secret lovers, my ex-sister -in-law, and others. I’m really looking forward to it.


That’s me, top right in the red t-shirt, dark hair, with my arms on the legs of my sweetie at the time.  Good times.

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