The Beauty and Wonder of Friends

And chosen family.

My birthday is coming up soon as I’ve made sure you know.  But someone knew about this that I hadn’t directly told.

On Wednesday we had our coven’s Litha rites.  Just before circle my High Priest, who the more I know, the more I just adore, took me aside and put something in my hand.

He said, “I almost never give gold as a present, but I want this to remind you of your true value.  I don’t think you know this much of the time. Happy Birthday.”  Something very close to that.  I wish I had a built in recorder but I don’t.

Verklempt I tell you.

I hope that I always stay right sized enough that wonderful things like this will always bring me to tears. And I hope that I will remember that, my true value.

Because I tell you, on days like this week has been full of, it’s sometimes really hard to remember. My parents have been very supportive lately even with all the drama and I’m grateful for that too.  I’m adopted and have always considered my parents my chosen family.  It is the family we choose that makes it all worthwhile, coven or otherwise.

So Wednesday was a very good, VERY GOOD, day.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty and Wonder of Friends

  1. It’s always wonderful and divine when Life smacks us upside the head with an unexpected blessing and reminds us that, we are in fact, worth our weight in gold. 🙂

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