Foraging (The Witch of Cowan Park)

Just had to get out of the house.  Went to a local park and wandered around looking for dead fall branches of known origin and taking note of where I want to return.

The park runs east west through the north end of Seattle. The eastern most end is Ravenna Park and the western most end is Cowen Park. While it’s spelled with an e, I’ve always gotten a kick out of that.  Love that I’m a witch in a park named for a Cowen.

I’ve lived near this park for many years, different homes but always close-ish.  At one point I was half a block away. Rosy memories of wandering that park in my early witch years.  Looking for plants, sticks, to hear the stream that runs through it even though the salmon no longer run there.  Walking through it to the grocery story, to the witchy bookstore, to the herb and oil store.  I think I might try and find an apartment close by when it’s time to do that.

Today I found a lot of hazel dead fall covered with lichen and some wonderful cedar boughs.  Tomorrow I go back for the maple and some more hazel.  Wearing my Keens so I could stand in the creek by the small water falls to cool my feet and feed on negative ions.

This is a very spiritual place for me.  I used to walk through the park on my way to high school.  And here I am at 50 still walking through this lovely park.  People asking what I’m going to do with the branches. Art project  is a great answer, makes them all smile.

The park manager saw me and I asked, just in case, if it was okay that I take the dead fall with me and he said I was saving him some work and he couldn’t see why anyone would want it or what they’d do with it.  Heck, it’s great kindling if nothing else.  Free dry kindling.  But for me I’m planning on making some rune stones/staves for my coven HP’s.  I can’t help it, Sarah, The Witch of Forest Grove has me all inspired.  She always has but suddenly I’m off my butt and getting out there and making stuff. I think it was the new birthday tools.  And I’m grateful. And I promise I won’t be selling, just making and giving.

There is a certain smell that is prevalent in the summer in Pacific Northwest forests (in-city or not) that I’ve never smelled anywhere else.  I’ve not been everywhere that’s for certain but I’m sure it’s unique.  It smells of sun, cedar, pine, oregon grape, salmon berry, and fern.  It is only in the summer and only where those things are all growing.  It is smell of my childhood and it stops me in my tracks every time.  It makes me go aaaahhh.  It makes my smile.  It brings me peace.

Tomorrow I will remember my camera and take photos.

2 thoughts on “Foraging (The Witch of Cowan Park)

  1. I know that scent you are talking about. I grew up in the U District, and went to college at the U 0f W, oh so many years ago. There is a breeze that comes up and off of the campus on certain nights that is indescribable. I always called it the Winds of Summer. Wonderful! Nice to know it is still there, and that someone else noticed it too!



  2. Oh yes…I love that smell! I grew up around Seattle and still live in the area. Where I live, the breeze runs through the surrounding fir and cedar trees, so the smell is almost pungent. I don’t think I could live anywhere else!

    My brother was talking about how whenever he travels out of state, the second he arrives back home he takes a deep breath and revels in the clean air. It’s not just in summer, either. There’s a certain tang and freshness to the air in the fall that I love even more.

    And then…there’s NOTHING better than a rain after a dry, hot day. The smell is intoxicating!

    Thanks for posting this!

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