Lammas Panel

The Mabon piece was the one panel that gave me the fits from the very beginning.  I just couldn’t seem to get started on embroidering the goose.  I don’t know what the problem was but I was totally blocked.  Finally, since I needed to just START, I did.  I began outlining the goose around and around and then put in the feet, then the white patch and then she just took off and FLEW.  I’m particularly enamored with the wing and tail feathers.  Which, for those of you who think folks like me just do it right the first time, had it’s colors changed three times before I was happy.  Sew, rip it out, sew, rip it out, sew and I better be happy because I’ll ruin the velvet ground.

I’ve decided to add, where I can, an element in each panel.   The original idea was to have an animal and a plant but I think I need an element.  Guess this one is air…




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