A Witch’s Craft ~ Crafts for the Craft

I don’t find that I told you all about this new forum.  Generally I avoid online pagan forums. Sorry but there it is.  Just too many wing nuts and wack jobs out there.  It’s too much to wade through.  But this forum has a very specific focus.  Yes, one can showcase their work there but writing tutorials is the hope for new members.  A chance to spread the skills.  The Stitch Witch Cottage tutorials are also found at The Witch’s Craft. This site gave me the juice to begin Stitch Witch Cottage.


1 thought on “A Witch’s Craft ~ Crafts for the Craft

  1. Thank you, very much! Your work is awesome and I appreciate your sharing on A Witch’s Craft. Congrats & many blessings for Stitch Witch Cottage!


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