Two Saturdays ago I went with The No Spark Guy to hear a folk duo play at a local coffee house. That night he invited me to go again tonight as they are playing the same venue. I said I planned on going and bringing all my friends. It was the kindest way of letting him know that perhaps not. He has not called me nor I he.  He’s a very nice, intelligent man.  He will remain a friend.  But never more than that.**

So.  This duo.  Tania Opland and Mike Freeman.  They both play a plethora of instruments from dulcimer to irish bones to guitar and tenor recorder.  As they were playing Oak and Ash and Thorn and I was singing along (I knew a few of their tunes) I got this glint in my head that they might be kindred spirits.  I was right.  At the break I went to talk to them and while Tania talked with some other folks, Mike and I had quite a chat.  The break extended to 30 minutes instead of the 10.  We talked about music and instruments, he showed off his new guitar (gorgeous). And yeah, I listen to other artists besides Steve Marriott.  *laugh*

They are friends of Anne McCaffrey (as well as other folks all over the planet, they are well traveled).  At her request, they took the bardic songs from the Dragons of Pern series and put them to music.  How cool is that? I’m a Dragon’s of Pern fan, read them all some years ago.  I’m listening to The Masterhaper of Pern CD right now and it’s quite lovely.  Mike gave it to me sneakily as I have no money.

They were both very kind to me and I’m really looking forward to seeing them again.  They are much fun, intelligent, interesting, and witty. And they sang Oak and Ash and Thorn.  When there is a connection like that I want to create and pass it on. I made them a pouch this week in gratitude. This is why I make stuff. Not to make money or create a business. But to share my joy, my passion, and to bring good things to others.



**Tonight might be interesting. Because I’m meeting M there. Some of you may recall that M plays and sings guitar, folk to be specific (along with bluegrass and some rock). We are quietly easing around the edges at the moment and public venues are a very good way to get together right now. It is safe for both of us and I think that with time we will create perhaps an intimacy that is more than sparks. It is the only way to proceed. It’s that or not at all for neither of us has any intention of repeating January, not the way it happened at any rate. But I do hope he’ll invite me on a bike ride while the weather is still gorgeous.  If No Spark Guy shows up I suppose he’ll see that it’s not going to happen but I think he knows that already.

3 thoughts on “Folksingers

  1. 1. Squee!! I read all the Dragonriders of Pern books, too. Now will have to find a copy of CD (and the pennies to buy it!). I am so jealous!

    2. Squee!! Oak and Ash and Thorn — and live. I’m so jealous. You would think living in the greater Orlando metropolitan area would mean I’d have access to all kinds of live talent, but — no. They all go work at Disney and Co.

    3. Squee!! Gorgeous bag and it’s green — which means it matches (that’s right) my jealousy!!!!!

    Hope last night was wonderful (mutter, mutter)… 🙂

  2. I feel very lucky to live in Seattle and mostly it is luck.

    And far too many folks here work at Disney too, it’s taking over. Between Starbucks, Microsoft, and Disney, it’s no longer the cool place it used to be.

    But it’s better than some that’s for sure. I’m grateful.

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