Once Bitten Twice Shy

I had a very, very good and interesting time tonight.

There were police, twice.  #1 was the fan who showed up drunk and started threatening the other guests.  #2 was the restaurant owner next door who went after his wife with the kitchen knife and knocked over the coffee house tables on the sidewalk.  She was okay but holy blades batman!  Cops everywhere… The most active coffee house ever… Who knew.  The full moon was LAST week.

Nice cozy friendly snuggles on a green velvet couch listening to really good music that M enjoyed as much as I thought he might.  You know, his leg on my foot, brushing my arm as he gestures in conversation, that kind of thing.  But not in a pushy way, nothing sexual, just a testing of the waters I think, affectionate, sweet.  Very clear signals without making me feel uncomfortable because I must admit I feel once bitten twice shy.

More talk with my new friends, lots of photos, and they loved the pouch and will probably steal it from each other.  Must make one more.  I have an invite to visit them at their stone cottage in Ireland.

A motorcycle ride might very well materialize this week, perhaps Monday. If he doesn’t go camping.  We’ll see.  The hug at the car let me know in no uncertain times that there is still something there.  Again, all gentlemanly, nothing to make me freak out.  But a lingering lovely hug with his head against mine.  Awwww.  There is a difference this time.  No flirting and a lot of questions about me which was a big change.  His attention appears to have shifted from himself to me in the main and that is an aphrodisiac of the finest kind.  Interested attention.  And no nerves after the first 5 minutes, just comfortable in each others company.  Which feels really, really good.  The truth is I have feelings for this man.    I must keep my feet on the floor for now.  Head in the clouds though.  R would tell me to tell him to go to hell. She did that months ago actually.  See that was part of the problem.  Her telling me what to do instead of waiting to see how I would move or decide.  Feh.  But you know what?  No.  I’m not going to.  I trust my instincts today.  And right now they’re telling me to keep investigating.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble falling asleep of late.  Tonight might not be much different.

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