All or Nothing

Someone I know all too well has threatened to take some legal action against me because of one post I wrote here.  I think they’re all bluff and bluster and threats.  I don’t see how a post that doesn’t contain someone’s name or any reference to who they are (hell you don’t even know who I am!) could possibly harm a reputation they don’t actually have.  (pretend you’re listening to the laugh track )  And stalkers and snitches?  Well.

Doctor, it hurts when I do this.

Then don’t do that!


It is laughable and they don’t have a leg to stand on but because they prefer to make things worse instead of better and because they are a whole mess of CUH~RAZY I thought it best to get some advice from some trusted friends. The blog archives now exist on a thumb drive in an undisclosed location.  All posts previous to this have been deleted.  I will, however, keep posting. Free speech and all that.

When this matter is settled as well as it can be settled I will upload the old archives.  Or perhaps not.  We’ll see…

Before You Accuse Me, Take a Look at Yourself.  I’m off to a party.

2 thoughts on “All or Nothing

  1. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


    How vanity killed the idiot who thought is was all about THEM!


    Enjoy the party; I’ll join ya!




    All of the above. Yeesh, people can be so weird!

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