Halloween Potluck

Every year one of my recovery meetings has a Halloween potluck. There are actually 4 Halloween sober parties I’ve got on the agenda, only know of one for sure that I’m going to. The potluck where I know everyone. The challenge was to be creative, look great, and spend as little time and money as possible.

Pulled out the one outfit I still have left from my SCA days. Going as Boudica. Warrior Queen. Gotta figure out my spear. But have the hair, the face paint, and the clothes…

Wool tunic (black) with linen undershift (green). The woolen tunic embroidery design is mine, the embroidery design on the linen was begun by my ex-teacher. (She did about 20% and then sold it to me for $5 and I completed the work.)  The woolen tunic has slits over the thighs surrounded by the motif on each side.  Amber, bone, wood, and rowan berry necklaces.  Wove the belt with tablets in a technique known as card weaving. The design is not from the Romano-British time period but it was a challenge I set for myself. The combination is stunning I think and it will serve. The leather belt with the shield boss buckle I got at Walmart of all places. I know. Only shopped there twice years ago and once I heard about their practices I never went back but the belt is awesome and can’t be denied. I wear it every day. This time it will be seen and not hidden under a t-shirt.  The red wig will be braided and the like with beads in it.  A woven band to hold the defiant bangs down.  Green pants in the same linen as the tunic and leather boots.  Good enough.  I think it will be Good Enough, which is excellent since that is the name of this particular meeting.  The Just Good Enough group.








5 thoughts on “Halloween Potluck

  1. Gorgeous outfit! Can’t go wrong as Boudica, that’s for sure! You *must* get a photo of yourself all done up. As for a spear– maybe paint an old broomstick and make a foil covered cardboard spearhead?

  2. My thinking exactly. I have a carved walking stick, trying to figure out how to attach that foil point….

    I’ll try to get photos but I look a dork in a wig. Hate photos of me. We’ll see. 😉

  3. “Just good enough”? Ppllttthhh! Smashing, darling, just smashing! Hitch up your warrior belt as the fiercest Queen of them all, finger that gorgeous embroidery, flip that hair like it’s hanging from a happy horse’s behind, and get your groove on! Just good enough, my arse. There’s nothing “just good enough” about you or your work — take it over the top, honey, and enjoy every minute!

  4. The clothes are great, I must agree, it’s why I didn’t sell this one outfit.

    But the HAIR?! OMG. This side of ridiculous. The combination makes it good enough.

    I’m half tempted to just put zinc in my hair and go with the white spiked hair of the male warriors.

    And thanks. I try really hard to just stay humbly good enough but it’s really nice when others disagree in a pleasant way. *laugh*

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