Lovers and Haters

The word “hater” has become a cool word these days.   We can trace it back to Middle English so it’s no surprise really that it was used in England in the 60’s.  But I was surprised when it jumped out at me recently.  This is one of the reasons I love Steve Marriott.  Loved all the haters.  I’ve got a long way before I’m that mad, Goddess help me get there sooner in my heart.

Mad John

There was an old man that lived in the greenwood
Nobody knew him or what he had done
But mothers would say to their children, “Beware of Mad John.”

John would sing with the birds in the morning
Laugh with the wind in the cold hand of night
But people from behind their curtains, said he’s not quite right.

John had it sussed he was living the life of a tramp
Yes his bed was the cold and the damp but the sun was his friend
He was free

So here was a wise one who loved all the haters
He loved them so much that their hate turned to fear
And shaking from behind their curtains the loved ones would hear.

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