One Day At A Time

Well.  I went to a meeting.  It happened.  I got asked for my phone number.  I knew he would ask me one day. Someone I’ve mentioned before.  That man I’ve known a very long time, who was a friend of my ex-husband’s.   He’s the one who smokes for those who might have a good memory.  He’s older, he’s been in an accident or two and has a speech impediment.  He owns free and clear three cars and house but like everyone else is struggling in this economy.  Memory coming back?  Darn it, he has a heart of gold.  We sat next to each other cuz I was in a friendly cheerful mood.  Right before the close of the meeting he puts his arm behind me and says “Will you give me your phone number?”  I nod yes and after the meeting I call him on his cell.  I’ve had his number for months but I haven’t called him.  I know.

I’m driving home and several things occur to me.

  • I’m supposed to be looking for new things in places and packages I don’t expect them to be.
  • I need a Beginner’s Mind.
  • When I felt his arm around me it felt good.  I got zapped.  And as I realized this in the car, I almost burst into tears.

Hell I have NO idea what it all means.  NONE.  But I do know when I get a big Energy Zinger.  I also know that very soon my phone is going to ring.  I started future tripping all over the place, coming up with reasons why I didn’t want to answer that call when it came in.  And said to that voice in my head, “STOP.  Ssssssshhhh.  Let It Be.”

Breaking out the tights, the cute skirt, the boots and the floppy sweater cuz I am going dancing TONIGHT.  It’s almost sold out and people on FB are starting to scramble for tickets.  I’m going early. . .

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