It Must Be True

Because the Facebook App said so:

You are an Angel in Human form..
“Just your presence is a blessing to those around you, your positive attitude is implacable and radiates change for the better in everything you do and to those ar…ound you but everything in its time thus although you may not immediately be aware of your gift everything you do, have done and are about to do is destined to enrich you in a multitude of ways. You have been put on this earth to make a difference use your gift wisely.”

Artwork by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law @ Shadowscapes

2 thoughts on “It Must Be True

  1. Hey I always believe what facebook tells me and I always do what it tells me to, so you truly must be an angel!

    (Okay well, I do sometimes exert my free will. But I do think you’re pretty awesome. 😉 )

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