I couldn’t get through this without sobbing.  One of my all time favorite songs, Halleluah heals me every time I hear it.  It is a song about love and healing and blessing.  But to hear K.D. Lang sing it when, where, and, in the end an additonal, why, for Nodar, well see if you can make it through dry eyed.  This? Was the voice and song of an angel in her bare feet.

I thought that the opening ceremony this year was the most amazing, most encompassing, most passionate, most inclusive I’ve seen.  This pagan sat there in awe as she watched the shaman drum life into being.  As the scenes unfurled before me in silence I could only be amazed and grateful to have witnessed the life span of Canada.

I don’t have television and was in a restaurant eating with some friends when I looked up to see the snow falling and the shaman walk out of the mist and start pounding the ground with his/her staff.  None of us needed the sound and most of the table sat and just watched, struck peaceful.

But I missed this part.  While I know that this was planned long in advance for me it added a special poignancy to the sadness of Nodar’s death that was underlying the ceremony.

I hope that I’ll be able to get my hands on a DVD of the entire ceremony as copyright is keeping it from being shown on YouTube.  Have it I must.

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