Cancer this week

In order to heal deep-seated problems, people may need to engage in long-term psychotherapy, patiently chipping away at their mental blocks for many years. But some lucky sufferers get their neuroses zapped virtually overnight, either with the help of a monumental event that shocks them out of their malaise or through the work of a brilliant healer who uses a few strokes of kamikaze compassion to creatively destroy their deluded fixations. I think you’re now a candidate for this type of correction, Cancerian.

As I am typically a couple weeks ahead of the horoscope, I’m hoping that this is true this time and that getting fired and having a fire, all in a long week, well, that was some kamikaze something or other. As much as I hate to give any props to that crazy ex-boss, I did get back into the swing of working on her dime. It was good to get used to being somewhere in the early morning, good to get my day figured out, good to remember how to do certain tasks and get back in the groove of the university machine. I became a better worker, a better person, more positive. And our house is really coming together with a few last minute nerve-wracking coordinations left. This fire has made me a better coordinator too. Fine. The gifts of disasters. They exist. I admit it. Don’t have to be crazy about the method(s).

Can’t wait to show some photos. Everything is taped off downstairs. oh boy oh boy. Got the eggplant bath mat and a lovely shower curtain with bamboo stalks on it. Very zen bathroom. Sagey pale green with eggplant… edible.

4 thoughts on “Cancer this week

  1. You are in my heartfelt thoughts each day – this is not the path you might have chosen, but it seems to be leading in a helpful direction. Hope that the way will smooth out before you

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