Oh! Oh! Cauldron

A friend mine does estate sale stuff. And when I came across about 200 postcards from the turn of the 20th century (from the 19th), all in great condition, none of them used, from my grandmother’s place of birth, Barbados Jamaica, I called HIM. Turns out he is way into postcards. The man is a font of knowledge as well as one of my all time favorite humans. He asked me to hold them and I did. He came by this afternoon and after looking at them all, offered me $50 and the 18th century cauldron of my choice. He has two, both with three legs and handles. Both with the raised lettering, all the cool cool stuff that you do not get with a modern cauldron. He’s bringing them to the home group meeting Friday night and I can have my pick. *glee*

2 thoughts on “Oh! Oh! Cauldron

  1. my flatmate Wendy has the post card collection from her great grandmother i think.. they are pretty cool.. and we discovered that post card collectors are pretty cool if somewhat obcessed..teheh..

    so yay for 18th century cauldrons.. *skips*

    • Yeah we had no use for those pieces of paper ourselves and mom was pretty happy with the $50 that he paid in addition to the cauldron. Of course he’ll make a profit, everyone wins. 🙂 But darn I’m not opening that trunk again soon, something in it has attacked my lungs.

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