Joyous and Abundant Mabon

To all of you may this equal day and night be a time of abundance, joy, love, and blessings…

From the cover of Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen, artwork by Jennifer Hewitson

I feel like I’m back to celebrating the Sabbats again. For well over a year they have held little joy for me and it’s been darn near impossible to decorate for them, to feel them close to me. That has changed.

Yesterday I harvested rowan berries and branches, hawthorn berries and branches, and fresh spring water from a lovely spring in a city park. They made a well out of the spring and it runs off into the woods. Some one had made an equal armed cross out of branches over the opening when I went to gather water. I take it as a sign that those of us who practice the craft are beginning to pay attention to this lovely place and bless it.

I got another job nibble from another head hunter, a written essay test and a phone interview. No word back as to whether their client wants to meet with me but it’s really all about the energy flowing in a positive way  This is an indication to me that it is  These nibbles have been in my field too. Not admin but web. It feels promising but I’m very low on funds so must beg a little longer for assistance from the folks. Need more than a nibble soon.  Update: Just as I was ready to post this the headhunter contacted me, I have an interview with their client tomorrow morning.

D and I are doing really, REALLY well. Healing is happening, open and freeing conversation is happening. Neither of us wants to risk future tripping or trying to make anything happen, we want this relationship to manifest organically in exactly the way it is supposed to. We are not a couple but we are not friends.  What we have is something different. We are both treading very gently there. I have to say though that I have never exchanged energy with another human the way D and I do. It is intense. There is lots of whooshing connected love energy exchange going on. Never felt anything like it, we are both enchanted. We are doing things differently from our past relationships. We have only ever snuggled and held hands. Neither of us is ready for sex, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, and we honor that in each other. So far, in so many ways, this is the most important relationship of my life. The most intense, the most healing, the most challenging, the most learning, the most empowering, and simply the most amazing experience to date.

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