Deer With A Broken Leg

Could be a nice seque into a piece on Frieda Kahlo or into my state of mind today or a commentary on the Rigid Container.

Let’s pick door #3. I’m trying to sit with it because this is burned into the wood.  The only options would be live with it or cover it with something, like a burned oak leaf…  At any rate, the gods won’t be mad over any perfection.  HA!

4 thoughts on “Deer With A Broken Leg

  1. still.. wonderful artwork.. and being that it was not noticed until the colour went on.. maybe it meant to be like that..??

    i likes it heaps anyway, it speaks well that piece.. *nods*..


  2. Until you mentioned it, I’d not seen anything untoward about your design – even then, I had to really try hard to find what you were talking about… Truly, it doesn’t look broken, but like an artistic choice for the design. JMHO

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