Shipped to France


Now I can concentrate on what I need to do here. Not as much stuff and progress has been made on it already. Mr. Furnace’s** scarf is made, his box on its way, the tapestry armchair antimacassars for my folk’s arm chairs are in the works to match the upholstered foot stool I repaired for them before the French folk visited at Halloween. And that is it! I’ll be done with Yule giving. 2011 is going to be for me to finish all those unfinished projects that are languishing due to neglect and other projects.  I’m so excited to finish the rigid container, the Wheel of the Year wall hanging, and the Roumanian peasant blouse!

** btw, things are heating up with Mr. Furnace in a nice slow increasing burn and that’s all *I* want for Yule. The love of this good man. And a job, that would be nice too SinterKlaas / Universe…

So many photos here…

Another rigid container

My nephew went gaga over my rigid container (one of the unfinished projects) so I thought he deserved one of his own on a smaller scale….  Note his foot disappearing into the crown of the tree.  He’s a monkey boy all right, tree climbing fool…

A frame for my brother the photographer

It occurred to me that it is a bit busy for a frame but hopefully he’ll have something he loves that will not compete… The colored pencils I use to tint my work I have decided I like more than any other coloring method. I’ve tried many but the prismacolor with blending pencil are my favs…. With a nice matte varnish by the modge podge people.

The napkin set for my sis in law

Reversible placemats and runner with two sets of napkins in coordinating prints.

A scarf for my bro

Skinny but long, soft as can be in a soft merino / alpaca blend, it feels great around the neck. Mr. Furnace is getting one in a lavendery mauve that is wider and short for less wrap because that man does run HOT. *tsssssssssssssss*

And for ME!

A new burner, a Detail Master III, a professional quality tool for my wood burning. I simply need something that allowed me more tip options and a higher burn temp.  I feel a little guilty but there it is.  Merry Yule to me. I deserve some joy and it’s coming in spades. I am addicted to wood burning and will be making Mr. Furnace’s box with the new tool.  Heee. She said tool.  (update: OMG this thing is AMAZING.  Changes everything!!!)

5 thoughts on “Shipped to France

  1. Yay for new tools of making! A poor artisan blames their tools, a good artisan has the right tools for the work…

    Your thingmaking a a delight to observe. and I adore your woodburned boxes!

  2. I love that your gifts are things you made. I usually give handmade stuff as well, but nothing as beautiful as what you’ve done here! Its nice to see new posts from you.

  3. It’s the heart that counts in the giving. xoxo! Thank you!

    For years all I gave were net scrubbies and the like. It’s taken a long time to get here… 😀

    And now my mom is making the net scrubbies. Someone found some I made at least a decade ago and now everyone wants them again. They are simple, cheap, and darned handy.

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