No News is GOOD News

I have very little to report and not much energy to think up something to say but life? is GOOD. Gratitude in bushels.

I’m waiting for my new mattress to arrive. I’ve never had a new mattress in my life. Always something someone else didn’t need. I got a huge tax return because my income for the year bottom line was like $3000 after deductions and stuff. My mom knew that I’d get a job and that I’d be able to pay her back if she took advantage of the 50% mattress sale at JCP after christmas sale, which is still going on, but I just couldn’t ask her to do one more nice thing for me. She has helped me and helped me and I want so bad to be self supporting through my own contributions. I thanked her profusely for her generous offer and she totally approved and understood that I really felt this was something I had to do for myself. Part of her, a little part, wants me to pay rent in Feb but she knows that my current sleep situation is wrecking havoc on this bod that is no longer young.

So I’m catching up on some work left over from the week because they said, work from home, get better. Nice huh? They trust me and Monday I want to show something good. I dusted and cleaned, will vacuum after the mattress is delivered, then I’m going to take a nap (on my new absolutely fabulous mattress!!!!!!!) and then I’m going out to dinner with Mr. Furnace.

Between my tax return and my surprising paycheck I’ve been able to do some nice large ticket goodness for myself. A new mattress and, because it seemed hilarious that the person who is the project manager for our web shop’s mobile projects doesn’t know how to use a Smartphone, a, right you guessed it, a smart phone. Which is currently much smarter than me when it comes to figuring out all the options. But I’m ramping up and it’s cool and it’s FAST. She’s purdy and she needs a name.

I’m finally starting to feel a little less exhausted from the big change and am looking forward to projects and relaxation and time to write probably once a week.

Any way, that’s the news from Lake Not Woebegone Any More.

And for your entertainment pleasure a little video from a friend in Austin…

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